• 19 AUG 14
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    Leszczynski interview for DNA INDIA

    From Dariusz Leszczynski


    Recently I gave an interview for the Mumbai newspaper DNA INDIA (Daily News & Analysis INDIA). It was published today under the headline “Use of cell phones increases cancer risk”.

    My concluding comment of the interview is:

    “”The industry likes to call on scientists who will endorse their product and say that it is safe. Hence, Dr Repacholi visited India and spoke publicly about the safety of cell phones as well as cell towers. I disagree with Dr Repacholi. He says that we don”t have and we will not have in the future health problems due to cell phone and cell tower radiation. In my opinion the scientific evidence is still insufficient to say that cell phone radiation is harmless. We need both better research and, for the time being, implementation of the European Union”s Precautionary Principle until there is further clarity””

    Read the full interview here

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