• 10 JUL 14
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    Smart Hackers could use your smart lightbulbs to access your data!

    After reading this article on the Age website ask yourself: Are smart light bulbs really worth the hassle and the risk?



    The Age online, July 9, 2014

    Security vulnerability found in LIFX smart light bulbs exposes home Wi-Fi passwords


    Thought your wirelessly connected smart light bulbs were safe from hackers? Think again.

    IT security researchers have discovered that the smart LIFX bulbs created by Australian entrepreneurs living in Silicon Valley were exposing their users’ home wireless modem (Wi-Fi) passwords.

    With access to Wi-Fi credentials, hackers could potentially extract personal files on computers connected to a home network and make use of its internet connection to download large files. They could also wreak havoc by printing reams of documents on any connected printers and turn on and off and change the colours of LIFX bulbs.


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