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    STUK and Finland, where only a single opinion is permitted…

    From the blog of Dariusz Leszczunski, Between a Rock and a Hard Place:


    This post was updated on May 10, 2014″

    European Union is in an economic crisis. In Finland the official (=government) opinion is that the one and the only way to survive is to remain in EU and retain common currency. There are voices that disagree with this official opinion.

    Several scientists from the University of Helsinki formed in the autumn 2013, the EuroThinkTank. This group of 12 scientists analyzed advantages and dis-advantages of the Finnish membership in the EU. The report of the EuroThinkTank was published on May 6, 2014, unfortunately only in Finnish language.

    The leader of the EuroThinkTank, Professor Vesa Kanniainen, in his explanation why the EuroThinkTank was formed, said the following:

    “”Yritykset kyseenalaistaa virallinen totuus on nähty vaiettavana toisinajatteluna”” [Attempts to question the official truth were seen as discordant opinions needed to be silenced; free translation DL].

    Professor Kanniainen was also quoted in the news report as saying:

    “”Suomi on aina yhden totuuden maa, meillä ei ole sellaista traditiota, että arvioitaisiin avoimesti ja analyyttisesti vaihtoehtoisia näkemyksiä”” [Finland is always the place of the single truth only, we have no tradition of an open minded analytical evaluation of different options; free translation DL]

    I do agree with this opinion. As one can expect, the prevailing opinions are often the opinions of those with the administrative authority” Those who dare to question this system, are often ridiculed and silenced”


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