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    Two Scientists Break Silence on “Major Flaws” in Royal Society’s Recent Report on Safety of Cell Phones and Towers, Smart Meters and Wi-Fi

    OTTAWA, April 14, 2014 /CNW/ – Two peer reviewers involved in this month’s Royal Society report on wireless safety say the results cannot be trusted, because the Panel ignored evidence that wireless radiation is harmful to humans.

    The scientific reviewers also said key panelists were in conflict of interest as they regularly accept funding from wireless and energy companies.

    One of the reviewers, Dr. Martin Blank, holds two PhD’s and has published more than 200 papers at Columbia University on the health effects of wireless radiation. The other reviewer, Dr. Anthony Miller MD, is Professor Emeritus at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.

    Both say the Royal Society panel ignored scientific evidence published over the past five years. As peer reviewers, they noted some panelists were conflicted and others lacked sufficient expertise.

    “The Royal Society panel has failed in its obligation to the public,” said Dr. Miller. “It ignored recent evidence that wireless radiation is a probable carcinogen.”

    Dr. Miller said he is most concerned about involuntary exposure, such as children exposed to Wi-Fi in schools.

    Dr. Blank said the Royal Society dismissed definitive studies that prove wireless radiation causes harm to human cells, including sperm cells when men carry phones in their pockets.

    “We don’t need further study to lower safety limits,” said Dr. Blank. “There is already enough evidence to recommend lower limits for wireless radiation in Canada.”

    The Royal Society’s panel has been mired in controversy. Last summer, the original Chair resigned after a conflict of interest was exposed in the media. The Royal Society promised to publish the remaining scientists’ conflicts in its final report, but did not.

    SOURCE Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST)


    For further information: Background: www.C4ST.org/break-silence, Interviews: media@c4st.org, PH: 705-444-9662

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