• 24 APR 14
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    Microwave News on the Canadian Conflict of Interest Follies

    As Dariusz Leszczynski pointed out in the previous post, the telcos are getting desperate. This is also seen with the Royal Society of Canada’s RF panel. Read on….



    From Louis Slesin, Editor, Microwave News:

    Earlier this month, a panel of the Royal Society of Canada released a report on Health Canada’s proposal to revise its RF exposure limits.

    The original chairman of the RSC panel, Daniel Krewski of the University of Ottawa, resigned last summer in the midst of a controversy over his and other panel members’
    possible conflicts of interest.

    We looked into what happened. One lesson to be drawn is that when it comes to such conflicts, anything goes except non-disclosure.

    Read our new story at:

    Louis Slesin

    Louis Slesin, PhD
    Editor, Microwave News
    A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

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