• 15 APR 14
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    Critique of the supposedly ‘new’ ARPANSA RF review

    From Dariusz Leszczynski’s blog, Between a Rock and a Hard Place:


    ARPANSA Report: No epiphany, just déj vu, all over again
    Posted on April 14, 2014

    From time to time are published new reports, reviewing scientific evidence on possible health risks of cell phone and cell-phone-like radiation. Reading them, I do not experience epiphany feeling but, often, I experience déj vu feeling. I often have the feeling that the authors of new reports use extensively texts and opinions of earlier reports. It means that instead of duly reviewing also older original studies they rely on the opinions of others.

    This is not a good development. Reading older original studies and evaluating them in the context of new original studies, it may together bring this very welcome feeling of epiphany. Instead, authors of new review reports bring us, readers, often the feeling of déj vu.

    The just published ARPANSA report is no exception. No epiphany, just déj vu.


    In conclusion, ARPANSA got what it ordered. By asking ICNIRP experts to prepare review of the science they got series of copy/paste opinions from ICNIRP, SCENIHR and AGNIR.


    Read the full article here

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