• 17 JAN 14
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    New Video: Public Confronts Tom Wheeler Over Clearly Inadequate RF ‘Guidelines’ at Silicon Valley Speech

    Excerpt from Stop Smart Meters posting

    (Note- the clip above is updated with higher quality audio and video, and new footage of the protests, courtesy of a woman who is going into surgery this week for a brain tumor, caused by her cell phone- our thoughts and support are with her at this difficult time.)

    Almost a week ago, members of the public attending the first speech by new FCC Chair Tom Wheeler in Silicon Valley, rose up in succession and confronted what we see as grossly inadequate public health “guidelines” for RF wireless radiation exposure.

    The evidence for that claim? A rash of cell phone caused brain tumors, electrical sensitivities resulting from exposures to smart meters and other wireless devices, and a history of peer-reviewed science that has systematically been ignored and suppressed by the government, industry, and mainstream media.

    How obvious does it have to get? The man appointed by Obama to lead the agency charged with regulating the wireless industry actually led the wireless industry for 12 years.

    Apparently Mr. Obama- and the power structure he represents- thinks the public is stupid. Well maybe we”re not as stupid as you think, Mr. President.


    Read the full article and see the video here

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