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    Google’s latest loony idea: A global WiFi balloon network.

    From The Australian Business section, January 3, 2014, page 1

    Google looks to tap Australian telcos for its global balloon WiFi revolution

    The Australian
    January 03, 2014 12:00AM


    TELSTRA is among a group of telcos that have held high-level talks with Google about working together on a revolutionary project to beam wireless internet signals from stratospheric balloons into hard-to-reach and underserved rural and regional areas.

    Called Project Loon, the ambitious plan uses high-altitude balloons equipped with antennas to beam WiFi signals capable of delivering 3G-like internet speeds to homes and businesses down below.

    Tests of Project Loon are under way in New Zealand and will be extended to Tasmania by mid-year, but the internet giant needs regulatory approvals and help from local telecommunication companies to get the project off the ground.

    At Google the project has the official status of a “moon shot”, a high-risk, high-reward and expensive effort. “The idea may sound a bit crazy — and that’s part of the reason we’re calling it Project Loon — but there’s solid science behind it,” Google has previously said of the project.


    To access the full article with illustrations go to the Australian link here Unfortunately you will need to subscribe and pay for the privilege of viewing the full article, or read a copy in the library if you are in Australia.

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