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    The Energy Networks Association to publish a web-based brochure on the smart meter health controversy

    On November 12th just before my trip to New Zealand I send out a post saying that I would be unable to attend the ACEBR Science & Wireless 2013 seminar in Melbourne on November 27
    I noted the smart meter presentation to be given at the ACEBR event by Richard Hoy, representing the Energy Networks Association (ENA) and wondered if the ENA presentation would address the smart meter health effects issue.

    According to several people who attended the event, Mr. Hoy mentioned a number of places that now have smart meter opt outs “with hindsight” and that sometimes consumers had to pay extra for this. As for health effects a variety of statements were made such as “basically everybody is pretty much in agreement” that there are no effects, and that there is “no scientific basis” for electrosensitivity (EHS), whilst mentioning provocation studies. Mr. Hoy did mention at the end of his presentation however, that “some research could be worthwhile”.

    Apparently Hoy’s big announcement was that ENA is formalizing a web-based brochure on smart meters and their possible health effects.

    If this be the case I see a slight conflict of interest especially with ENA’s report SMART REFORM PEOPLE, POWER, PRICE

    And: thesmarthomefamily.com

    And: smartgridsmartcity.com.au

    Now the interesting question is just what will be the content of such an ENA inspired brochure? My guess is that the content would be along the lines of:

    1) All smart meter emissions are well below the Australian and international RF standards.
    2) These standards take account of all established health effects (thermal).
    3) Reassuring statements will be given from the usual culprits, such as COMAR, ICNIRP, IEEE, The Health Council of the Netherlands, ACEBR, etc. Perhaps even a statement from Michael Repacholi about “public perception of risk”.
    4) Provocation studies suggest that the symptoms of EHS are not related to exposure and must therefore be psychosomatic.
    5) Therefore all those reported smart meter health effects must be the result of needless worry created and spread by activists groups, Youtube video clips and documentaries such as Take Back Your Power.

    Perhaps enough spin to topple even the most experienced Whirling Dervish….

    Now what would be some of the content of a more balanced web-based precautionary smart meter brochure?

    Points to ponder (in no particular order):

    * In certain situations smart meter emissions may pose a unique exposure situation that the RF standards do not, and cannot, address.
    * There are widespread reports of sleep deprivation a range of other health effects being reported in countries where smart meters are being rolled out. In many cases the affected individuals were unaware that a smart meter had been installed before the onset of symptoms.
    * Sleep deprivation can lead to a decrease in immune system function leading to an increases risk of illness.
    * The importance of a good night’s sleep.
    * The effect on sleep is far more pronounced when the smart meter is located close to bedroom areas.
    * There is evidence that the frequency chosen for the external communications link ( the 900+ MHz range) is a biologically active frequency due too its deep penetration in biological tissue.
    * The problem may not be power levels but the frequent nature of the transient 900+ MHz transmissions. (up to many thousands 24/7.) (illustration given)
    * A brief examination of the limitations of the official RF standards.
    * A brief examination of the limitations of provocation studies.
    * Collector smart meters (collecting data from surrounding meters and transmitting it back to the utility) are especially active and may pose more of a risk than normal smart meters.
    * At the very least as a precaution, smart meters should be positioned well away from bedroom areas as well as away from workers in the workplace.

    I highly doubt that the planned ENA brochure will be addressing any of the above points but we probably to not have long to find out….


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