• 16 DEC 13
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    Smart meter rings alarm bells

    NOTE: In the Mercury article by Greg Barns he incorrectly refers to Josh Del Sol’s documentary as “Power Takeover: What’s Wrong with Smart Meters?” when it is actually “Take Back Your Power”. Barns was given a copy and viewed the film before he wrote the article. An unfortunate oversight on his part.



    Greg Barns The Mercury (Tasmania) December 16, 2013 12:00AM

    IN theory smart meters are a great idea. These household devices record energy use as that use occurs and they tell customers how much energy their household is using. In Australia, Victoria and New South Wales have been at the forefront of the rollout of smart meters and in the European Union 80 per cent of households will have smart meters by 2020. In the US and Canada smart meters are sweeping across both nations. According to a report in the UK newspaper The Telegraph, half of smart meter users “say they are more likely to turn things off when not using them”. A very useful consumer-friendly innovation it seems.

    But not so fast.

    There are concerns about the health risks posed by smart meters, and the capacity for data from smart meters to be used by intelligence agencies to track the movements of individuals is seriously worrying.

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