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    An ongoing nuclear disaster aboard U.S. Aircraft carrier: Another legacy of Fukushima

    In the following article the personnel on the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan were exposed to radiation, mainly through contaminated ocean water that was taken in by the ship’s desalinization system and converted to drinking/cooking/washing water. Obviously the desalinization process does not remove radioactive products. This has huge implications for all those luxury ocean liners sailing around the Pacific. Apparently these ships use drinking water from a port facility but use sea water for the swimming pools. Now see the pacific contamination time line map here. How many civilian and Navy ships will be sailing through this radioactive plume, sucking up sea water for on board use?

    Fukushima, the gift that keeps on giving…..



    51 Sailors from USS Ronald Reagan Suffering Thyroid Cancer, Leukemia, Brain Tumors After Participating in Fukushima Nuclear Rescue Efforts

    December 12, 2013 — (TRN http://www.TurnerRadioNetwork.com ) — Crew members in their mid-20’s from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan are coming down with all sorts of radiation-related illnesses after being deployed less than 3 years ago to assist with earthquake rescue operations off the coast of Japan in 2011. It looks as though the onboard desalinization systems that take salt out of seawater to make it drinkable, were taking-in radioactive water from the ocean for the crew to drink, cook with and bath-in, before anyone realized there was a massive radiation spill into the ocean.

    Charles Bonner, attorney representing sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan said “the crew members were not only going to the rescue by jumping into the water and rescuing people out of the water, but they were drinking desalinated sea water, bathing in it, until finally the captain of the USS Ronald Reagan alarmed people that they were encountering high levels of radiation.”


    Read the full article here

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