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    New French documentary: Mobile phones and harmfulness or “the manufacture of falsehood”

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    From Iris Atzmon:

    With their documentary Mobile phones and harmfulness or “the manufacture of falsehood”, the journalist Nancy of Meritens and the filmmaker Jean Hêches show how the mobile phone industry creates doubt on the harmfulness of their product.

    A two minute trailer for the film is here

    Dangerous or not, the waves of mobile phones, antennas relay, wireless phones, Wi-Fi , 3G and 4G?

    When Breitenbach valley (Munster) residents refused an antenna near their homes, the mayor assured his countrymen that there was no problem in view of the formal research. The village doctor has documented however that “the waves can alter the functioning of cells, induce cancers,” which he explained to the villagers.

    Among them, Jean Hèches a documentary filmmaker, wondered “why so much controversy”? To find out why, he set to work with journalist Nancy Meritens. For two years they recorded scientific conferences , interviewed many experts in France , Germany, Switzerland , Sweden, decrypted and verified masses of information . A long investigative work that allows them to explain ” the defense strategy of products” already used by the tobacco industry , asbestos … They show how public health agencies and the WHO ( World Health Organization health ) are infiltrated by “scientific mercenaries” paid by the industry to demonstrate that there is no risk , “to fabricate lies ” to denigrate studies that interfere to produce ” studies designed to do find anything ” …
    In Sweden they have testimony from a couple of electrosensitives, a former engineer of the mobile industry and his wife suffering to the point of not being able to live in the city . “Sweden has fifteen years ahead of France in the implementation of these new technologies. Electrosmog is permanent , they said. This will probably be the next big public health scandal because everyone is exposed. It is important that each user takes precautions to be taught to young people to use these techniques with sense. ”

    See “waves , science and intrigue”, at national premiere at the opening of the film festival, Wednesday, November 6 to 19 h 30 , living cultural complex CAP – up Blue Devils in Saint -Amarin , debate with Nancy Meritens journalist .

    Full program SURFER Film Festival engaged on the website: http://dureveaureveil.blogspot.fr

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