• 22 OCT 13
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    Victoria’s smart meter risk/benefit decision

    For the past few weeks I have been in communication with a Melbourne resident who is having severe health impacts ever since a smart meter was installed next to her bedroom. Her case is mentioned in the blog message: http://www.emfacts.com/2013/10/smart-meter-denials-and-the-good-german-syndrome-2/

    She recently wrote to Nicholas Kotsiras, the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources, explaining her unfortunate experience with the smart meter.She received a reply from Tim Rose, the Energy and Resources Advisor for the Minister.

    In that letter, Mr Rose states that the current Victorian Coalition Government has based its decision to continue the rollout of smart meters (started by the previous government) on advice from the Auditor-General, who stated in his report on smart meters that: “If the project’s emerging risks delay the installation of smart meters, it is likely that consumers will face further cost increases and gain fewer benefits.”

    HOWEVER the above statement by Mr. Rose has been cherry-picked out of the Auditor-General’s 2009 report. In actual fact, the Auditor-General was extremely critical of some aspects of the roll-out. On page 10 of the auditor general’s report it is stated: “There has been insufficient analysis to fully understand potential perverse outcomes, risks, and unintended consequences for consumers.”

    So much for the government’s public health considerations. Thank God I do not live in Victoria……


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