• 28 OCT 13
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    Ulster County legislature hearings in smart meters

    Of the many Youtube videos circulating on smart meter problems this one struck a cord with me as it is in the county in New York state where i lived until the early 1970s. The same situation as what is now taking place in Victoria, Australia and with the same symptoms being reported. When are we going to see independent sleep research being conducted on what is looking like an emerging global public health nightmare?



    As reported in Burgerwelle News

    From the video:

    Ulster County N.Y. Legislature asked to hold hearings on smart meters

    More than a dozen people speak in opposition to the new smart meters being installed by Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. and implore ULster County law makers to investigate rthis horrendous technology, which they say is making them and many other county residents ill.

    Symptoms include:

    Insomnia, spiking headaches, vertigo, muscle spasm, chest pain, asthma, anxiety, depression, neck pain, dizziness, irregular heartbeat.

    This video was recorded at the Ulster County Legislature monthly meeting in Kingston, New York on October 22 at the Ulster County office building in Kingston.

    See the video here

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