• 21 OCT 13
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    Recommended viewing ‘Casualty catastrophe’: Cell phones and child brains

    For those of you who have not yet seen the Truthseeker video ‘Casualty catastrophe’: Cell phones and child brains, mentioned previously, please do, keeping in mind that the head of Australia’s new mobile phone research effort has a different viewpoint on the extent of risk when he stated in September of this year that:

    “There”s a pretty strong consensus that there”s not a problem in adults, but people have only started doing research on children in the last five years and very little has come out of it,” he said. “We”ve got no reason to believe that there”ll be a greater effect in children than in adults. “But we just don”t understand well enough the maturational phases that children go through, so it”s possible there”s greater sensitivity.”

    Illawarra article here

    These are strong words of assurance that its not too big a problem to worry about, perfectly okay to use a mobile phone if you are an adult and no reason to worry about the kids either.

    Worlds apart…….

    See the Truthseeker video here



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