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    Does Swinburne University have a conflict of interest in smart meter sleep reserarch?

    It is perhaps inevitable that sooner or later some of that $5 million set aside for RF research in Australia will be used to investigate the alleged health problems now being widely reported by people after a smart meter was installed on their homes, especially when it is near a bedroom.

    I have previously questioned on this list the suitability of ACEBR to do this research. But what about the Bioelectromagnetics Research Group, part of Swinbourne University’s Brain and Psychological Sciences Research Centre, and a research partner with ACEBR? They certainly have the expertise and facilities to do such research.

    If such research was undertaken and an adverse effect on sleep quality is found and replicated, the implications would be profound and the very possibility of such findings would be seen as a definite threat to the multi-$$$ billion global development of the smart grid and all that it entails. Perhaps this is the real reason why this research has not yet been done.

    It states on the Brain and Psychological Sciences Research Centre: “Our research staff are actively involved in teaching and engaged with industry and the community”. Therefore, what would happen if the interests of the community and industry collide, which may be the case with smart meter sleep research?

    Does Swinbourne University have a vested interest in smart energy technology that could bias its research outcomes?

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    Energy management partnership announced

    Date posted: Sunday 26 Jun 2011

    Swinburne has partnered with GreenWave Reality, a leader in home energy management and automation, to open an Energy Management Research Centre (EMRC).
    The centre, which will be based at the university”s Hawthorn campus, will serve as an international hub for thought leadership, excellence and experience, showcasing intelligent home energy conservation solutions.

    The showpiece of the centre will be the 3D, tele-immersive Energy Efficiency Demo Room that will feature a 50″ 3D Immersive Virtual Reality Display system to be used to demonstrate the real-time impact of energy conservation measures and technologies.

    It will also have a training room which will include the Smart Green Home Virtual Learning Platform, consisting of the GreenWave Reality Home Energy Management platform running on a full range of Internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. The Training Room will also feature virtual learning and educational software to foster energy conservation behaviour among visitors of all ages.

    “This visionary facility will be pioneering in intelligent management of home energy use, and will be an international showpiece of technology, education, and collaboration,” said Professor Leon Sterling, Dean of Swinburne”s Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies.

    “GreenWave Reality has proven to be the ideal partner in this leading-edge initiative by way of their technology and innovation which is an ideal match for our research and teaching expertise in energy management.”

    The EMRC will serve multiple purposes including a research and development centre, a demonstration and training facility, and seminar and conference hall. It will feature energy conservation demonstrations showcasing industry-leading technologies that can reduce energy consumption, benefiting the Australian environment as well as the rest of the world.

    The centre will also serve as a hub for international collaboration, allowing leading scientists and technologists from around the world to convene to explore additional energy saving measures that can be developed to benefit the planet and its people.

    “GreenWave Reality is honoured to have been selected as Swinburne”s partner in this state-of-the-art, international, energy management centre,” said Greg Memo, CEO of GreenWave Reality.

    “We envision the centre as becoming a global icon for collaboration and innovation on energy conservation, enabling a new class of advanced applications for the next wave of energy efficient, smart homes.”

    For more information about GreenWave Reality Home Energy Management platform email na@greenwavereality.com or visit www.greenwavereality.com.

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