• 20 OCT 13
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    Dariusz Leszczynski’s interview on the The Truthseeker’ show

    From Dariusz Leszczynski

    “The Truthseeker” show on cell phones and health, entitled “”Casualty catastrophe”: cell phones and child brains” is worth watching. It asks many questions and shows that we have not many answers”


    Dariusz Leszczynski “” The general finding from my research group was that living cells respond to mobile phone radiation by activation of stress response. It is way of cells protecting themselves from the damage. This observation means that living cells recognize mobile phone radiation as potentially damaging agent and trigger protective counter response. Activation of stress response was then a “hot potato” issue and few studies were done. Some did not find this effect. But there is some half-a-dozen studies showing this effect. To me it is clear that mobile phone radiation induces biological responses in cells. Whether it causes, down stream, pathological changes to normal physiology it remains to be seen. This topic was not pursued very much due to lack of funding. Yes, the FCC should revise the exposure safety standards and there is a particular reason for it…


    Read the full interview, and Dariusz’s commentary on the program here

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