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    Are the RF standards/guidelines (IEEE C95.1 and ICNIRP) subservient to U.S. Airforce weapons development

    The following link was sent to this list today. It explains just what “science based exposure standards” are really all about and why they never will include low-level non-thermal bio-effects in their standards. I have highlighted the pertinent bits.




    U.S. Air Force Directed Energy Bioeffects Research (DEBR)

    The US Air Force is one of the largest developers and users of radio frequency (RF) and high power microwave (HPM) emitting devices in the world and consequently, has been at the forefront of research on the biological effects of RF/HPM radiation for more than 30 years. The mission of the 711 HPW/RHDR is to protect Air Force personnel from RF/HPM radiation hazards, while minimizing negative operational impact. This requires an extensive research program in the dosimetry and bioeffects of RF/HPM radiation. Research results are transitioned and transferred to national and international health and safety standards, which are used by the Air Force Surgeon General for occupational health and environmental safety. Additionally, data are used to support the rapid development and deployment of directed energy (DE) technologies. The advent of HPM and ultra-wide band directed energy weapons make the 711HPW/RHDR’s products and services ever more essential to national security. Our goal is to provide the US Air Force with the world’s best RF/HPM bioeffects research and science-based exposure standards, allowing maximum safe exploitation of directed energy for the national defense. With joint-service cooperation, we bring broad expertise, advocacy, and involvement in RF/HPM technology development.
    The goal of this effort includes conducting bioeffects research to identify the benefits, risks, and capabilities for a wide range of military RF/HPM systems. Another goal is to predict and mitigate the bioeffects of directed energy on personnel and mission performance, and to exploit the bioeffects of directed energy for DE weapons applications. See BAA Solicitation and Attachments for the Technical Areas and details for this effort . Also, note in the BAA solicitation, the due date and time proposals are due at both locations at their local time, Wright-Patterson AFB OH, and Ft Sam Houston TX.

    Also see:
    STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVES, Directed Energy Weapons Effectiveness and Safety, Task Order 0002

    STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVES, Human Effectiveness Analysis and Integration

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