• 19 SEP 13
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    Grid electrical pollution (dirty power) and smart meters

    From Sam Milham

    Dear Don,

    In the last couple of winters, I have made dozens of measurements of electrical pollution in the grid, building wiring, the earth and in the air with a 2 channel Fluke 199 B oscilloscope in southern California where over 2 million smart meters have been deployed. The ground measurement uses 40 feet of wire between two ground probes (screw drivers). The building wiring measurements look at the 60 Hz wave form and the electrical pollution (dirty electricity) riding on it after passing it through a high pass filter. The primary neutral to earth voltage (PNEV) is measured between the utility transformer ground wire at the base of a power pole and a ground probe connected to it by 40 feet of wire. The air measurements use a collapsible 23 inch antenna attached to an oscilloscope BNC terminal.

    The bad news is that a 50 KHz signal is present everywhere in urban and very rural areas, in the grid, in the earth, in building and house wiring, in the PNEV, and in the air. It originates in the switching power supplies of smart meters. The type of smart meter doesn’t seem to matter. The oscilloscope peaks match exactly, for the two channels being studied simultaneously. The ground voltage is higher in areas where smart meters have been deployed.

    Best, Sam

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