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    Ontario Teachers Union wants cell phones turned off in the classroom

    From Melissa Rama:

    ETFO represents 76,000+ teachers in the province of Ontario, Canada. Their 4-day annual general meeting held in Toronto this week concluded yesterday. Please note media below regarding two Resolutions Passed.

    TORONTO, Aug. 15, 2013 /CNW/ – This afternoon the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario voted at its annual general meeting that student cell phones should be turned off and stored during school hours, unless a teacher gives permission.

    The vote was part of a series of motions requesting that radiation from cell phones and WiFi be recognized as a potential workplace hazard for teachers.

    “There is cause for concern for members’ health and safety, especially women,” said Sandra Wash, a teacher representing Peel District who spoke at the meeting.

    Two years ago the World Health Organization officially declared wireless radiation from cell phones and WiFi to be a possible Carcinogen.

    A second vote this afternoon demands that school Boards stop hiding WiFi transmitters in the ceiling, and label them as part of a hazard control program.

    ETFO is Canada’s largest teachers union, representing seventy-six thousand Ontario elementary teachers.


    Background www.safeschool.ca


    SOURCE: Safe School Committee

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