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    More on Daniel Krewski’s conflict of Interest

    Sent in by Sharon Noble:

    Cellphones and health: Panel chair accused of conflict
    Canadian Medical Association Journal says professor on panel had been hired to work for Industry Canada.

    By: Noor Javed News reporter, Staff Reporter, Published on Tue Jun 18 2013


    The chair of a panel tasked with reviewing guidelines around the potential health risks of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from wireless technology may be replaced for not declaring a conflict of interest.

    On Tuesday, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published findings that University of Ottawa professor Daniel Krewski had been hired to work for Industry Canada in 2008, to help develop a “Communication Strategy for Radiofrequency Fields Risk.”

    Krewski is the chair of a Royal Society of Canada panel tasked with conducting an independent expert assessment of Health Canada”s standards around radiofrequency emissions, known as Safety Code 6. The panel, made up of eight experts in the field, will assess whether Health Canada guidelines for human exposure to RF emissions should be updated. The report is due out this fall.


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