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    Canada’s Safety Code 6 Review Panel Significantly Conflicted

    Sent in by Magda Havas:

    From Citizens for Safe Technology (C4ST)

    Safety Code 6 Reviev Panel Conflicted


    Health Canada has updated Safety Code 6 and is employing an “Independent” panel to review its work. It hired the Royal Society of Canada, which has strict guidelines to protect against conflict of interest, to conduct the panel. But the conflict of interest guidelines have been relaxed for selecting the academically credentialed panel. Some members turn out to have financial relationships with companies, industry associations and lobby groups which are directly affected by the outcome of this panel review. At the same time, some of them have consistently published material and statements demonstrating predetermined viewpoints that they don”t believe published evidence showing that humans are in danger well below the existing safety threshold published in Safety Code 6. The selection of a significantly conflicted panel is unlikely to make decisions to protect Canadians. We are concerned that the results are predetermined.

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