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    Video – NO Smart Meter Protest March, Melbourne, 5th May 2013

    I recommend taking the time to view the video below. In this posting I have also listed some of the many ill-health reports coming out of Victoria. I find it a disgrace that while there is such an outcry about the physical and mental anguish being experienced by the unfortunate asylum seekers detained in the Manus Island detention centre, the anguish of Victorians suffering from smart meter exposures is simply ignored. Perhaps they are being ignored by the Victorian government because the government’s sole adviser on the issue on the Victorian Radiation Advisory Committee is a telecommunications industry consultant who was formerly Motorola Australia’s Director, Global EME Strategy and Regulatory Affairs. Some would say that is a teeny-weeny bit of a conflict of interest……..


    Video “” NO Smart Meter Protest March 5th May 2013
    Posted on May 15, 2013 by Stop Smart Meters Australia

    Thank You to everyone who traveled from all over Victoria once again and supported the May Day Rally especially the NO Smart Meter contingent.

    Video from the day linked here.

    Also includes testaments from Victorians that our government is currently ignoring, shame on you Victorian Government.


    A few recent case histories:

    1) My symptoms started the night the smart meter was installed. Waking with heart palpitations and a racing heart and internal shakiness. A surging feeling that went right through my body now and then. Head pain and a burning pain on the left side of the head. Depleted immune system-leading to flu and cold. I am now getting nausea and maybe 2 -3 hours sleep a night.

    2) Since installation I wake up with headaches every single morning and go to bed with something very much like Vertigo every night. I have had this ever since the Smart meter was installed. It is also installed on my front porch which is right outside my bedroom so I am very close to it.

    3) Since my smart meter was installed, I have experienced shortness of breath, palpitations, headaches mainly at the back of my head. Could it be because the position of the meter is on the other side of the wall where I sit everynight while watching TV. what can I do about it? I have no room to change the position of the couch and my symptoms are getting worse by the day.

    4) It is very likely that your new smart meter or your neighbours (if their meter is close by) is affecting you. I experienced the same issues as you described from my neighbours 2 smart meters located 3m from my bed room. After complaining to Powercor I found that they must have reconfigured them as they are not communicating as much (confirmed with an EMF meter). My heart palpitations/pain in my chest has gone but I still am waking up with headaches (although they are not as intense as before the meter was reconfigured).

    5) I have developed ringing in my ears that would go away when I went to work, now I have had two months off work the ringing is constant. I have developed a thyroid problem since smart meter was installed. I wake up aching. Meter is next to my bedroom wall.

    6) Our smart meter was installed about 2 yrs ago. Our town in Central Victoria was one of the earliest in the roll out. Since it”s installation (outside my bedroom window) my health and the general health of my family has gone down hill rapidly. . . I suffer from severe headaches, memory loss, loss of motor skills. I feel as though I am walking around in a haze. I lay awake until daylight some nights and others it is 1-2pm when I wake up. There is also the high pitched squeal that the smart meter emits constantly.

    7) I came to Australia after a smart metre was fitted 2 metres below my bedroom window in NZ. I was not informed of the radiation danger. I subsequently experienced severe health problems and was at a loss to explain this. One of my students wrote a report about her
    own experiences with smart metres and I had to mark it. I began to put two and two together. The report probably saved me serious health problems.

    8) Smartmeter installed Aug 2012 unbeknownst to home owner. A high pitched sound that night kept him awake. His inspection the next day found the new smartmeter in his meterbox. Ongoing insomnia, tinnitus and overall deterioration in health since then. Shielding has helped but ongoing difficulty in sleep and tinnitus continues.

    9) My son, age 22 started work in a small graphic design studio in Fitzroy. After only being there a few weeks, he started to become quite unwell. He was getting severe dizziness, headaches, couldn’t see straight or concentrate & was getting heart palpitations & extreme kidney pain. so much so that he had to take several days off to recover. On returning to work, the same thing happened again & by lunchtime he had to leave. As it was a Friday, he was able to have the weekend away & started to improve. The next week, his problems reoccurred yet again & it was then that he discovered that there was a smart meter situated inside a wooden box only about 2 meters from his head. ( Just to rule out any other cause, he underwent medical tests( ECG, Blood test & kidney scan, which all came back clear)Finding that he was only getting worse at work, he felt he had no alternative but to resign.
    He is now “sensitised” to EMR and gets quite dizzy when exposed to it.

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