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    Leszczynski: FCC, IEEE and ICNIRP should tighten safety standards

    (Note that I have been away for the past week and many unread emails have piled up during my absence which I am now slowly going through. Here is a recent entry from Dariusz Leszczynski’s blog which is well worth a read.)


    HELSINKI, Finland, April 9, 2013 “” Current safety standards for the radiation emissions from cell phones are old. FCC standard is from 1996 and ICNIRP from 1998. Since that time, a large number of research studies have been published, some of which pointed towards the possible health risk of exposures to cell phone radiation.

    In May 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer invited 30 experts to evaluate scientific evidence concerning the carcinogenicity of cell phone radiation.

    As a result of nearly 2 weeks of deliberations, IARC experts voted to classify the cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogen, a class 2B carcinogen. In everyday language it means that although we do not have ultimate proof that cell phone radiation is carcinogenic, we have enough scientific evidence to suspect such possibility and be cautious when using these devices.

    The classification of cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogen came as a great surprise to the scientific community and to the industry alike. Those who disagreed, called the classification flawed and a variety of second-hand “spin” stories were published in the news media denouncing the classification.

    Saying that the IARC classification is flawed is incorrect for the following reasons:

    Read the article here: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/between-rock-and-hard-place/2013/apr/9/fcc-ieee-and-icnirp-should-tighten-safety-standard/#ixzz2QUnlz2i7

    Also see Leszczynski’s April 7th blog entry: Leszczynski responds to comments in Repacholi”s guest blog


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