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    Smart meters, depleted uranium, and bad advice from the Health Council of the Netherlands

    Lately the expert advice of the Health Council of the Netherlands has been relied upon by those promoting smart meter radiofrequency emissions as being perfectly safe. Often quoted is the HCN’s report: “Health Council of the Netherlands Electromagnetic Fields Annual Update 2008” To quote from the abstract in brief:

    “From the good quality scientific data emerges the picture that there is no causal relationship between exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields and the occurrence of symptoms.However, there is a relationship between symptoms and the assumption of being exposed and therefore most likely with the risk perception.”

    So, as far as the HCN is concerned, all those people reporting illness after a smart meter has been placed on their homes are just suffering from an assumption. Why not call it Acquired Assumption Disorder (AAD).

    The Health Council of the Netherlands has also earlier given its expert advice on the dangers of depleted uranium as widely used in Iraq. To quote from the Depleted Uranium Report from the Health Council of the Netherlands:


    For relevant exposure scenarios the Committee does not anticipate that exposure to DU will result in a demonstrable increased risk of diseases and symptoms among exposed individuals as a result of a radiological or chemical toxic effect exerted by this substance….The radiation dose caused by incidental exposure to DU in the exposure scenarios considered is limited compared with the radiation dose received during a lifetime of exposure to natural uranium. As at the common levels of exposure to natural uranium a contribution to the induction of cancer in the population cannot be demonstrated, the Committee concludes that the same is true for exposure to DU. This general conclusion is also valid for the appearance of lung cancer and for the appearance of leukaemia after the inhalation of dust containing slightly soluble uranium compounds.

    So, a convenient go-ahead was given for the US military and the depleted uranium industry by the Health Council of the Netherlands with their claim that there was no evidence of an increased incidence of disease or cancer from exposure to DU. As a result of this advice, The Health Council has been relied upon by those promoting DU weaponry. This same unquestioning reliance on the supposed expert advice of the HCN is now being given out by those claiming the supposed safety of smart meter radiofrequency emissions.

    This is not trying to compare ionizing radiation (DU dust) to non-ionizing radiation (radiofrequency). It is all about expert bodies giving out bad advice with untold consequences for those affected by that advice.

    Consider however the legacy for the people of Iraq who now must be suffering from an increasing incidence of AAD if we follow the bizarre logic of the Health Council of the Netherlands:


    Iraq: War’s Legacy of Cancer

    Monday, 18 March 2013 09:11 By Dahr Jamail, Al Jazeera | Report

    Contamination from Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions and other military-related pollution is suspected of causing a sharp rises in congenital birth defects, cancer cases, and other illnesses throughout much of Iraq.

    Many prominent doctors and scientists contend that DU contamination is also connected to the recent emergence of diseases that were not previously seen in Iraq, such as new illnesses in the kidney, lungs, and liver, as well as total immune system collapse. DU contamination may also be connected to the steep rise in leukaemia, renal, and anaemia cases, especially among children, being reported throughout many Iraqi governorates.

    There has also been a dramatic jump in miscarriages and premature births among Iraqi women, particularly in areas where heavy US military operations occurred, such as Fallujah.

    Official Iraqi government statistics show that, prior to the outbreak of the First Gulf War in 1991, the rate of cancer cases in Iraq was 40 out of 100,000 people. By 1995, it had increased to 800 out of 100,000 people, and, by 2005, it had doubled to at least 1,600 out of 100,000 people. Current estimates show the increasing trend continuing.


    Dr Haddad believes there is a direct correlation between increasing cancer rates and the amount of bombings carried out by US forces in particular areas.

    “My colleagues and I have all noticed an increase in Fallujah of congenital malformations, sterility, and infertility,” he said. “In Fallujah, we have the problem of toxics introduced by American bombardments and the weapons they used, like DU.”

    During 2004, the US military carried out two massive military sieges of the city of Fallujah, using large quantities of DU ammunition, as well as white phosphorous.

    “We are concerned about the future of our children being exposed to radiation and other toxic materials the US military have introduced into our environment,” Dr Haddad added.

    Read the full article with disturbing photos here

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