• 21 FEB 13
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    James Rubin’s very dubious provocation studies

    From Amirb at the “No Radiation for You” blog

    Why Dr. James Rubin EHS study is problematic?

    Dr. James Rubin is a psychologist who had done a series of studies on Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity (EHS). In his studies he concludes that EHS is a psychological condition. These studies were published as a proof that EHS is not real. Dr. James Rubin was promoted and continues to study EHS. A few days ago I stumbled upon something that might prove his methods completely wrong. It seems that the device he used to simulate RF radiation, emitted also ELF, medium and high frequency EMR during the sham exposure. In addition from the videos it is cleared that the room where the testing was done was not shielded.

    Please read on.

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