• 15 FEB 13
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    Extensive report by Powerwatch UK on Wi-Fi and schools

    From Alasdair Philips, Powerwatch UK:


    Cringleford Primary School in Norwich is due to move into brand new buildings over the summer of 2013. Like many other councils and schools, Norfolk County Council are continuing to spend public money to irradiate the children in their care with WiFi all day every day. It is not that they are installing WiFi badly – it is that they are installing it at all, especially in primary schools. The new primary school will be irradiated by up to 19 wireless Access Points.

    We believe that this is a misguided choice that is damaging the health and well-being of at least some of the children. There is no way parents can choose to opt out.
    Parents can, and should in our opinion, opt out of exposing their children to WiFi, DECT cordless phones which transmit 24-7, Xboxes, PlayStations, Wii, etc, when they are at home.

    This news story will give you some of our evidence and reasons for believing such exposure will adversely affect children. At present there is no good evidence that wireless devices, though fun to use, are better educationally than using wire-networked computers that do not expose the children to pulsing microwaves all day.


    For the full article and video see: http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/news/20130214-norwich-wifi.asp

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