• 06 DEC 12
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    A much needed children’s book: ‘Wireless-wise Kids’

    A message to this list from Lyn McLean, EMR Australia:

    I’m excited to let your readers know about my new children’s book ‘Wireless-wise Kids’ which shows young people how to use mobile phones, laptops and other wireless devices more safely. You’ll see information about it if you download the flyer here. Perhaps it would make a good Christmas present for a young person.

    From the flyer:

    What do the techno-savvy youngsters of today”ôs wireless generation need most of all?
    To know how to use wireless devices more safely.
    Today”ôs kids love their wireless technology. It”ôs not unusual for them to spend hours each day on their mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless laptops and tablets. Until now there”ôs been no easy-to-understand information about how they can use these devices more safely.


    My comment: A highly recommended book which should be required reading in schools.


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