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    Two New Zealand smart meter sites of interest

    1) New Zealand smart meters “” the issues, concerns, implications and
    what you can do

    Smart Meters are being installed in homes around the world as part of a global roll-out of smart power grids. We don”t believe in coincidences.

    We have a number of concerns with regard smart meters, which can be used to measure electricity, gas and water consumption “” although this site is focused on electricity meters.

    Our concerns fall into these categories:


    Smart electricity meters are basically surveillance devices, wiretapping without a warrant.
    These meters send data of your power usage back to the utility company many times during the day. We don”t know for sure how often data is sent out over the wireless network, it could be once a minute, twice an hour or 10 times a day.
    This data helps the power company build a detailed profile of you and your home life.
    By studying the peaks, spikes and troughs of your daily power usage, utility firms can determine what time you get up, when you are out of the house, on holiday, what time you go to bed and if there are patterns of unusual power usage.
    We believe power meters should have one job, to measure the amount of power you use each month (the billing period). All the power firm needs, and has ever needed until now, is the set numbers that show the amount of power you have used.
    We believe that people should have the choice as to what technology is attached to their home.


    Visit the site here


    2) Stop Smart Meters NZ

    How To Avoid Getting A “Smart Meter”

    “Smart” or “advanced” meters are not compulsory, even though some representatives of and/or contractors to electricity companies have been apparently telling customers that it is compulsory to have a “smart meter”. (Personal communication.)

    Most of the time, the person who pays the bill for a house or business will receive a letter from their electricity company advising them that the electricity will be upgraded to a “smart” or “advanced” meter.

    NB: Examples of such letters may be viewed here. Click on the images to read the letters:

    Visit the site here

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