• 26 OCT 12
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    Raytheon, Boeing and the US Airforce’s flying microwave oven – guaranteed to cook your microchips

    I may be a bit old fashioned in my views but I find it somewhat of a conflict of interest when the organizations developing super powerful microwave weapons are the same ones who have long been in charge of setting the microwave exposure standards. Consider the latest flying microwave ‘smart’ oven developed by Raytheon, Boeing and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Nothing is said of possible effects on people unfortunate enough to be in targeted buildings but not to worry – apparently it is “non-lethal.” If it is a problem however, they could just conveniently increase the allowable standard limits to a point where they can claim that these people are safe. That’s how the standards work…..



    Strategy & Policy
    New Air Force Missile Turns Out Lights With Raytheon Microwave Tech


    The missile launched from the wing pylon of a B-52 heavy bomber and streaked over the desert of western Utah. At pre-set coordinates, a microwave emitter installed in the winged, jet-propelled cruise missile blasted a target building. But there was no big bang, no billowing clouds of dust and debris. Instead, the building was struck with disruptive, high-frequency microwaves. The goal of the test on the morning of Oct. 16 was “to render … electronic and data systems useless,” according to Boeing, the lead contractor for the three-year, $40-million Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project, or CHAMP, initiated in 2009.

    While the program is led by Boeing the crucial technology comes from a small company called Ktech, which Raytheon bought in June last year. At the Paris Air Show, AOL Defense interviewed Raytheon executive Mike Booen about the company and its capabilities. Basically, Ktech’s microwave generators generate an EMP-like field which shuts down electronics.


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