• 15 JUL 12
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    Recommended reading: Latest issue of EMR and Health

    The latest issue of EMR and Health, produced by EMR Australia contains a wealth of information including highlights of the June Bioelectromagnetics Society meeting in Brisbane. For example PhD candidate Mary Redmayne presented the findings of a New Zealand study on wireless use by school students. Among other effects, Redmayne found that having a wi-fi transmitter next to the bed doubled the risk of headaches. On the ‘opposite side of the coin’ New Zealand’s ultimate expert on all things, David Black, the new president of BEMS, gave a presentation on wind farms health effects, which he dismissed as a “psychological sensitivity’. (more on this in the next blog message)

    From Lyn McLean:
    This issue features the highlights of the Bioelectromagnetics Conference which was held for the first time in Australia just a few weeks ago. There are also updates on telecommunications bills proposed last year, Australia’s new phone tower code and the Australian standard for powerlines and electrical facilities.
    As usual, you’ll find that latest in news from around the world, including news about electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

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