• 09 JUL 12
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    Is Michael Repacholi the world’s best Whirling Dervish?

    Repacholi encourages parents to get their children into using mobile devices as soon as possible.

    What the hell is going on? First we have the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCNIRP) issuing a warning about the potential dangers to children from their use of wireless devices.http://www.emfacts.com/2012/06/wi-fi-recommendations-from-the-russian-national-committee-on-non-ionizing-radiation-protection-rncnirp/ To quote in part: Electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi creates an additional burden for the child brain, whose body is in a state of development and the formation of mental activity. During this period, children are most susceptible to adverse environmental factors.

    Also see: http://emfacts.us2.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=fde0125885d9f7d82a3668e7d&id=57d13a610d&e=07705a3ece

    Then we have a joint paper by lead author Repacholi (who fails to disclose his monumental conflict of interest) with Chairman of the RNCNIRP, Yury G. Grigoriev as a co-author, among others. http://emfacts.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fde0125885d9f7d82a3668e7d&id=f006f810c8&e=07705a3ece

    This paper does no justice to the RNCNIRP and has raised questions about what Yuri Grigoriev was thinking when he agreed to sup with the devil.

    Now we have Repacholi at a GSMA industry conference stating that parents should get their children to use wireless devices so that the kids are not left behind! This is welcome news for the wireless industry, especially when coming from an expert with no conflicts of interest.

    There’s enough spin going on here to topple a troop of Whirling Dervishes….

    I think all this calls for the RNCNIRP to strongly respond to Repacholi’s rantings. Not to do so, in my opinion, makes it look like the Russians have been well and truly suckered by Mike.

    Don Maisch

    From Joel Moskowitz:

    Repacholi, did an interview with the GSMA on June 3, 2012. Here are two quotes from the 7 minute tape interview:

    “We even had pediatricians who looked at the development of the embryo through to the development of the young child to find out if there were any effects of RF fields that could influence the development or behavior or mental capacity, and we couldn’t find anything above the age of two. The development process concluded to the point that RF fields wouldn’t cause any adverse consequences after that age.”

    Is he admitting that there is evidence of harm below that age? He even uses some scare tactics to encourage parents to give their children cell phones at a young age:

    “Children should be encouraged to use technology otherwise they will be left (eh) while other children are using the technology, and the jobs are going to go to children who knew the technology very well at a young age. Certainly, from the health viewpoint there is no concern that we’ve seen this far that parents need to be worried about children’s use of mobile phones.”



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