• 18 JUL 12
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    Commentary by Dariusz Leszczynski on expert committees

    Another thought provoking commentary by Daruisz Leszczynski:

    “In Experts We Trust”¯ “¦or should we?


    MELBOURNE, Australia, July 17, 2012″”Let me begin with a quote from Thomas Henry Huxley:

    “Science commits suicide when it adopts a creed”

    “¦and this is what, in my opinion, is happening in the research on the biological and health effects of cell phone-emitted radiation.

    The creed, as I see it, says that:

    “…there is consensus among the scientists that cell phone radiation has no proven health effects and that the effects seem unlikely”¦”

    In my opinion, the claims of scientific consensus are false. They are propagated by some expert committees which ignore the fact that some other expert committees disagree entirely. How should the general public read the information presented in expert reviews prepared by different committees & commissions & initiatives? How trustworthy are science evaluations made by these self-proclaimed expert bodies?


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