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    Notice from Stop smart meters org uk


    We want to inform people of the serious health, privacy and cost issues
    associated with Smart Meters and empower people to refuse Smart Meters when
    they are offered them by their utility company as they will not be

    There have already been half a million Smart Meters installed by British Gas
    with plans for another million or so in the next year before the Smart Meter
    scheme is officially implemented by the other energy companies. Smart Water
    meter schemes are also being launched by Thames Water in London an Reading
    and Southern Water in Worthing. Lets stand together and say “NO” to this
    gross invasion of our privacy and risk to our health and the health of
    future generations.

    We know many groups are tirelessly lobbying the government and energy
    companies to stop the Smart Meter program but we see consumers refusing to
    let them be installed as the cheapest and simplest way to stop this scheme
    in its tracks. All we need to do is spread the information to as many people
    as possible so they are primed before this programme gets off the ground.

    Please look at this leaflet we have written detailing serious health,
    privacy and cost issues relating to Smart Meters. The plan is to install
    Smart Meters into every home and business by 2019 but they will NOT be
    mandatory so you can just say no and keep your analogue meter. We have
    produced this leaflet is to help people make an informed decision. This
    issue affects EVERYONE


    Our new, A4-sized leaflet is now available for you to hand-out to your
    neighbours, friends, colleagues, visitors, passers-by, family members and
    any other energy/utility users you can find.

    You can download & print the leaflet for yourself from the image files below
    (which appear full size if you click on them) or via this PDF, or
    alternatively you can order high quality, full colour, 130gsm quality A4
    copies directly from our fantastic printing partner, Aura Print.

    Aura Print will transact with you directly and drop-ship leaflets to you via
    a quick call to them on 01484 429 300. We have secured a heavily discounted
    price on batches of 250 leaflets of just £27 including handling, delivery &
    VAT. This is payable directly to Aura Print when you ring them; we are not
    involved in the transaction, but have made a commitment to honour the
    purchase of any leaflets which are left over once the Government decides to
    abandon it”ôs plan for these cancer causing surveillance devices. This has
    allowed us to achieve a great price for a really high quality product.

    Our Opt-Out Statement/Denial of Consent Letter will be available very soon.

    Stop smart meters org uk

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