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    North Israel news- Head and Neck tumors – “a real epidemic in the whole world”

    From Iris Atzmon:

    A New Center for treatment of head and neck tumors in the medical center Linn

    Last week the Clalit Health Center opened in a formal ceremony, a specialty medical center with expertise in head and neck tumors. The executive of the Israeli Cancer Society, Miri Ziv participated in the ceremony too.

    The department moved to a new place in the Linn medical center and its activity will be extended to a special treatment for head and neck tumors.

    Prof’ Ilana Duek, manager of the department, notes that the incidence of head and neck tumors is increasing and it is a real epidemic in the whole world. It is reported on a significant increase of mouth tumors, despite the decrease in the number of smokers, because of growing exposure to the papilloma virus which causes cervix cancer. Possibly also because of increased use of cell phones.

    Blessings were said by Miri Ziv the Cancer Society executive, and the chairman of the Linn Friends Society, Yossi Cohen. The event was accompanied by cello playing, by the manager of the Yovel music center, Adiel Schmit.

    Among the respected guests were seen the managers of nose and ear departments from various hospitals in the city, department managers of the Linn medical center, representatives of the welfare committees of the power company and Refael, who contribute a lot to the welfare of the patients of Linn medical center.

    Haifa and North Israel news, 27.6.2012

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