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    Is your mobile phone REALLY killing your brain? Interview with Charlie Teo

    By Tory Shepherd of The Punch
    May 07, 2012 12:00AM

    Studies find no link between mobiles and brain cancer. Other studies HAVE. So which ones do you believe?
    Dr Teo thinks we need to find out for sure, and soon


    FATAL brain cancer is on the rise and could be caused by radiation from mobile phones, which would mean we’re heading for devastation “on a scale never before witnessed in history”.

    Or there may be nothing to worry about.

    Right now, no one knows for sure “” and Dr Charlie Teo, one of Australia’s top neurosurgeons, says some people are too afraid to find out because of the enormous consequences.

    Some studies have found there is no link between mobiles and brain cancer. Others have found a link. Dr Teo told News.com.au that studies that found no link were usually at least partly funded by telecommunications companies “” and that the telcos have in the past refused to release records of phone usage that would allow a more robust study to be done.

    The largest study done, the international and partly telco-funded Interphone study, found phones were safe “” unless you are a “heavy user”, or a child (children were not included in the study).

    “(Brain cancer) is a terrible disease, it’s the most lethal cancer known to mankind. It kills young people and it appears to be affecting more people than it did ten years ago. I believe there may be a link between mobile phones and brain cancer,” Dr Teo said.

    “Finding a definite link would be devastating “” and the telecommunications companies are too afraid to find out.”

    Dr Teo “” whose opinion is published in full on The Punch today “” thinks we need to find out for sure, and soon.


    For the full interview: http://www.news.com.au/technology/is-your-mobile-phone-really-killing-your-brain/story-e6frfro0-1226348144071#ixzz1u8MmbW8y

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