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    Smart meter sickness – Channel Ten News video

    Smart sickness “” Channel Ten News

    A Victorian couple has been forced out of their home because of an electrical smart meter that was installed on their bedroom wall. No it is not unusual to find in many Australian homes that the electrical meter box has been placed on a bedroom wall, with a bedhead hard up against that wall. As I have seen on numerous cases in this situation the powerfrequency magnetic fields from the electrical meter can cause insomnia and fatigue in some people.
    See: http://www.emfacts.com/download/cfs_changes.pdf
    What will be the effects, however, once a smart meter has been installed and RF is added as well? The symptoms reported by the unfortunate Mt.Eliza couple in the link below are also being reported by other people who have had a smart meter installed on a bedroom wall.

    As for a possible mechanism, It is my understanding that the pineal gland may sense impinging electromagnetic fields as “light” and suppress nocturnal melatonin release, upsetting the sleep cycle. When a bedhead is close to a smart meter I suspect that those frequent smart meter RF spikes will have a deleterious effect on anybody trying to sleep nearby. Perhaps Victoria is fast becoming a good place to research for EHS…..

    Also see: http://stopsmartmeters.com.au/2012/04/03/smart-sickness-channel-ten-news/

    Don Maisch


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