• 13 APR 12
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    If Brundtland’s problem is psychosocial than what is Repacholi’s?

    Back some years ago when Michael Repacholi was still based in Australia, he give expert testimony in a New Zealand environment court case over a high-power broadcast tower that was causing community concern. The day before his scheduled testimony at the environment court, he met with the local concerned community group and was very supportive of their concerns. It was remarked to me by one of the attendees that at the community meeting he was very charming and seemed a very reasonable person who genuinely cared about, and agreed with, their concerns. The next day he demolished their concerns in the court on behalf of the broadcasters, who had paid for his time. Whatever people think of Repacholi he is brilliant at what he does best. Its called spin.

    So, if Gro Brundtland suffers from a psychosocial problem (psychopathology) what might Repacholi suffer from?

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