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    Now its silencing an ‘inconvenient’ voice in Italy

    Just as what happened in Sweden, where an initiative to reduce EMF and chemical exposures in the workplace was eliminated because it was inconvenient to economic interests,
    [ Link: http://www.emfacts.com/download/no_risk_Feb_7.pdf] much the same is now happening in Italy.

    I suspect that part of an economic bailout for the ravaged Italian economy is an unquestioning adherence to the ICNIRP dogma.

    When will an “Arab Spring” come to the EMF world and clean out all these bastards?



    From Francesca Romana Orlando:

    Dear Researchers and Activists,

    Here in attachment (see below) is a letter to support Dr. Livio Giuliani, whom you may well know for his work in ICEMS.
    Last year the institute of prevention on occupational risks (ISPESL), he worked for, was merged into the National Insurance Institute (INAIL). Since then, Dr. Livio Giuliani, had several problems, as you can read in the letter.

    Moreover, even if he had all the scientific qualification to do it, he was not appointed to work on an important project on occupational safety, the PAF, a new website that offers a database on physical risks. Regarding EMF, the website is quite reassuring on the safety of international standards, while we know that they are quite controversial.

    I would like to invite more scientists to sign this letter, by sending me an email.
    (Please, forgive the bad quality of the translation)

    Thank you in advance for reading this.

    Best Regards,

    Francesca Romana Orlando
    Vice President of AMICA
    Associazione Malattie da Intossicazione Cronica e/o Ambientale
    (Association for Environmental and Chronic Toxic Injury)
    P.O. Box 3131
    00121 Rome – Italy
    Member of the International EMF Alliance (IEMFA)
    Member of the Italian EMF Free Network


    (Google Translation from the original in Italian)

    To the General Commissioner of INAIL
    (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents in Occupational Settings)
    Piazza Giulio Pastore, 6
    00144 ROMA

    Subject: Suspect of bullying attempt against Prof. Livio Giuliani and against the Italian population exposed to electromagnetic fields by INAIL management.

    The Ministry of Health-CCM approved a project that will be managed by INAIL, ASL n.7 Siena and Azienda USL of Modena (respectively the local Health Service of Siena and Modena) for the creation of databases on the four physical agents (noise, vibration, electromagnetic fields and optical radiation). This is a provision of the law DLgs.81/2008, chapters II, III, IV and V Title VIII, aimed to support the risk assessment and the prevention interventions to be accomplished by private companies.

    The National Portal of Physical Agents (PAF), available at www.portaleagentifisici.it, is part of this project and it was developed in order to establish the standardized procedures for risk assessment on physical agents for companies with up to 50 employees, according to the Decree 81/2008.

    Regarding electromagnetic fields, the website provides the following (unlikely) statements:

    “The main international protectionist organizations developed a complete and well-established system of protection from EMF. The most authoritative reference documents are provided by the International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). Regarding the time-varying fields, in 1998 ICNIRP published the guidelines for limiting the exposure to electromagnetic fields with frequencies up to 300 GHz. In 2010 it also published new guidelines for fields ranging from 1 Hz and 100 kHz and a statement confirmed the validity of the contents of the 1998 guidelines for radiofrequency and microwave (frequency higher than 100 kHz).”

    The website doesn”™t make any reference to the Huss report on which the Council of Europe based its consent on May 27, 2011. It doesn”™t even quote the IARC classification, in the same month. On the contrary, the statements in the PAF website on electromagnetic fields are opposite in nature to what is reported by the IARC and Huss.

    Moreover, the fact that INAIL didn”™t appoint prof. Livio Giuliani to the management of this project sounds like discrimination, especially if considering his commitment over the past two decades by Mr. Giuliani in the prevention of occupational injuries from electromagnetic fields exposures.

    A punitive attitude of INAIL in Prof. Giuliani”™s regards seems also evident in the subtraction of the Unit X from his direction and in the disciplinary proceedings against him, such as the one dated 27th December 2011.

    Moreover, the incorporation within INAIL of the research dept. and of the insurance dept. regarding occupational prevention and safety, due to the financial crisis in our country, raises doubts about the protection of freedom and the autonomy of research, which are constitutional values. In this case the Constitution seems to be vilified.

    Freedom and autonomy of research may be promoted only by the implementation of the provisions referred in by the law 78/2010, paragraph 5 bis of art. 7 d.l. (introduced by the article 18 paragraph 21 of the law 98/2011), which provides for the appointment of a scientific personality to the role of INAIL general manager for the ISPESL area (area of occupational prevention and safety).

    Prof. Livio Giuliani has all the characteristics needed for that role, in terms of quantity and quality of scientific publications, in terms of technical controls carried out, in terms of the quality of his regulatory proposal that informed the Italian system of protection from electromagnetic fields; and, finally, in terms of experience in the management of institutional representation offices, since he has directed since 2000 ISPESL departments based in regional capitals.

    Is this the reason why the INAIL leadership targeted him and moved actions which, legitimate or not, seem to sound as intimidations against him? Such as the censorship that the Directorate General of INAIL opposed to prevent him from speaking, with his INAIL qualification, in the Conference that took place at the Library of the Senate in November 3, 2011, for the presentation of research that he will coordinate and that was approved funded Ministry of Health as part of Plan 2009. That censorship was criticized with a letter by more than 40 researchers who attended to the conference.

    The following subscribers ask that, in the interest of scientific research, the State will continue to exercise its function of approval of facilities and industrial equipment, by using the ISPESL researchers and the technical figures, as they have been doing since 1898; that the INAIL leadership stops hampering the activities of the ISPESL research direction and, in particular, of its dean, Professor Livio Giuliani.

    Dott. Settimio Grimaldi Primo ricercatore IFT CNR Roma
    Dott. Fiorenzo Marinelli Ricercatore IGM CNR Bologna
    Dott. Morando Soffritti, Direttore Scientifico Istituto Ramazzini e Segretario Generale Collegium Ramazzini
    Dr. Ernesto Burgio, Coordinatore Scientifico ISDE “” Medici per l”™Ambiente
    Prof. Angelo Baracca, Docente di Fisica presso l’Università di Firenze
    Prof. Marcello Buiatti, Genetista Università di Firenze – Com Scientifico ISDE Italia
    Dott.ssa Antonella De Ninno, Fisico, ENEA
    Prof. Gianni Tamino, Biologo, docente di Diritto ambientale al Dipartimento di Biologia dell’Università di Padova
    Prof. Peppino Vitiello, Ordinario di Fisica Teorica, Università di Salerno
    Prof. Emilio Del Giudice, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, premio Prigogine
    Prof. Mauro Cristaldi, Docente di Anatomia Comparata per Sc. Naturali, Università di Roma
    Giannozzo Pucci, direttore di l’Ecologist Italiano

    Address for correspondence:
    Associazione Malattie da Intossicazione Cronica e/o Ambientale
    C.P. 3131
    00121 Roma

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