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    International scientific conference on Early Exposures and Childhood Cancer

    Notice from the charity Children with Cancer UK:

    International scientific conference on Early Exposures and Childhood Cancer

    24th to 26th April 2012 “” Westminster, London

    Call for abstracts

    Childhood Cancer 2012 will address a broad range of early life exposures that have been associated with childhood cancer risk “” including (but not limited to) exposure to ionising and non-ionising radiation; pollutants in air, food and water, infectious agents and dietary factors.

    We will consider exposure at all stages of early life – including paternal preconceptional exposure, maternal exposure both accrued and during pregnancy, in utero exposure per se and exposure in childhood.

    We are inviting submitted abstracts for poster presentation, from which we will also be selecting papers for platform presentation alongside invited speakers.

    The deadline for submission of abstracts is 12th January 2012.

    Read more: Call for abstracts

    Programme and speakers

    Leading childhood cancer experts will set the scene on childhood cancer today, including incidence, treatment and survival. A diverse panel of speakers from around the world will then cover a broad range of topics including exposure to specific agents, genetic and epigenetic effects and exposure pathways. We will end with a panel discussion on precaution.

    The detailed programme will be finalised once the abstract deadline has passed; view the draft programme here.


    The fee for the three-day conference is only £220 for bookings made by 31st January 2012 (£250 subsequently).
    Discounts are available for post-graduate research students, retired research professionals and CHILDREN with CANCER UK grant-holders.

    In addition, a limited number of bursaries are available for post-graduate research students presenting posters and we will also be awarding a series of poster prizes for young investigators (aged under 30 years) from a £100,000 award fund.

    Further are available from our conference website:


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