• 16 DEC 11
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    EMR Australia: December issue of EMR and Health available now

    From Lyn McLean, EMR Australia:

    Australia’s new phone tower code has been approved by the Communications Alliance and will come into effect next year. Swinburn University and the Energy Networks Association conducted public forums with Dr Robert Baan from the International Agency for Research on Cancer in late November.

    These and other details in the December issue of EMR and Health, available now. This issue also has information about the Inquiry into new phone tower legislation in Australia, the ongoing debate about mobile phone and brain tumours, as well as the latest news and research from around the globe.

    We’d also like to draw your attention to an article on mobile phones by Lyn McLean in the Summer issue of True Natural Health magazine – available at newsagents now.

    Wishing you all the best for Christmas and the holiday season,
    Lyn McLean
    EMR Australia PL
    02 9576 1772

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