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    Book reviews: Sleep Powered Wellness by Angela Hobbs

    From the publisher:

    In ‘Sleep-Powered Wellness’, Angela Hobbs explains why our increasingly safe, luxurious bedrooms are so difficult to sleep in. What is it about all those wireless and electrical devices, all those synthetic furnishings and personal care products, all that light and noise that’s turning 40% of adults into insomniacs? Why are our bedrooms making us sick?

    Whether you’re struggling with insomnia, obesity, depression, restless legs, migraines, or a myriad of other common conditions, your bedroom should be the first place that you look for answers. If your bedroom’s contributing to your symptoms it needs fixing before any therapies can really work.

    But how do you fix it? What do you look for? Where do you start? You’ll find answers to all those questions and many more in ‘Sleep-Powered Wellness’.

    Link: http://www.chinooksolutions.com/Publishing/OurBooks/SleepPoweredWellness/tabid/234/Default.aspx



    “What a treat to read this extraordinary book! The quality of our sleep is tantamount to the success of our lives – that is a certainty. I live in a world where I speak about the importance of balance, quality sleep, healthy hormones and other wellness principles all day long. In these daily interactions, I see the frustration or even complete ignorance of the general populace when it comes to the health interruptions they encounter daily. Whether chemical assaults, hormone hinderers, poor quality water or even light pollution, most of us are in the dark about the effects on our health. Leave it to a gifted author like Angela Hobbs to bring us into the light. Her latest literary offering is a comprehensive guide on what is making you tired and keeping you awake at night. Not your average book on getting more sleep, this guide will take you to places that will surprise you. She includes lots of opportunity for you to learn new skills for balance and healthy sleep. Entertaining, easy to read, well researched “” I learned so much from this book and I know you will too. This book has earned a permanent spot on my office bookshelf. Simply put, an extraordinary book that I am grateful to have read.”

    Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta

    “Angela Hobbs has done it again! Sleep is essential for all of us, and her lucid discussion of factors that can interfere with a good sleep, as well as what can be done to correct the problems, is both easy to read and important information for everyone.”

    David O. Carpenter, M.D.
    Director, Institute for Health and the Environment, University at Albany, New York

    One of the negative “hallmarks” of our modern technological age has been a significant increase in insomnia and sleep problems, especially in younger people. Angela Hobbs has managed to go right to the heart of the matter with a practical, very readable and well-researched book that is highly recommended reading for both the public and professionals. This includes people directly impacted by sleep problems, parents concerned about their children”s use of wireless devices, doctors and researchers dealing with sleep disorders, and architects in building healthy homes.

    Most importantly Hobbs not only examines the many environmental factors that can effect sleep but gives practical solutions to enable the reader to mitigate those factors to achieve what many seek “” a healthy and fulfilling nights sleep, night after night.

    – Don Maisch, PhD. Author of “The Procrustean Approach: Setting Standards for Telecommunications Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation”.


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