• 13 JUL 11
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    Allan Frey and the Inconvenient Truth About Radio Frequency Radiation

    From the Environmental Health Trust:

    In 1960, neuroscientist Allan Frey, then with Cornell University”ôs General Electric Advanced Electronics Center, became curious about the impact on the nervous system of electromagnetic fields moving at the speed of light. Long before cell phones were commercialized, his findings would eventually prove that radio frequency radiation has a measurable effect on the brain””and attempts were made by the powers-that-be to suppress his work in ways that uncannily echo the ways such results are being marginalized today.
    Among other key results, Frey determined that the carrier wave of 1,900 megahertz””precisely the same wavelength used by many cell phones today””had significant biological effects.

    SNIP. For the full article go to the Environmental Health Trust

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