• 07 JUN 11
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    IARC evaluation, MMF and safety standards

    From Dariusz Leszczynski, Between A Rock and A Hard Place Blog:

    As I have written in my previous blog (published yesterday), IARC classification of mobile phone radiation as 2B category carcinogen “” possibly carcinogenic to humans “” is a big news.
    So far, WHO evaluation of mobile phone carcinogenicity was based on the reviews by ICNIRP. Now, WHO”s own agency, IARC, has provided WHO with own evaluation that is not in line with earlier ICNIRP opinions. The IARC classification has made headlines around the world (not in Finland though) and industry has responded immediately in the news media. Mobile Manufacturers Forum, an umbrella organization for producers of mobile phones has issued a press release (http://www.mmfai.org/public/docs/eng/MMF_PR_310511_IARC.pdf).

    Careful reading of this document brings out puzzling information.

    SNIP (Also see the previous messages from Dariusz on the IARC ruling.)

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