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    1370: Autoimmune Process after Long-Term Low-Level (non-thermal) Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

    The following research from Russia is important in that it identifies an non-thermal effect from RF exposure. However 500 µW/cm2 is not what I would consider a low-level exposure (even though non-thermal) and thus the relevance to mobile phone base station emissions is debatable.

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    From the International EMF Alliance:

    Autoimmune Process after Long-Term Low-Level Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields,
    Y.G. Grigoriev, O.A. Grigoriev, A.A.Ivanov, A.M. Lyaginskaya, A.V. Merkulov, V.S. Stepanov, N.B. Shagina

    Mobile Communications and Changes in Electromagnetic Conditions for the Population.

    Abstract””Mobile communications provides a new source of electromagnetic exposure for almost the whole population of Russia. For the first time in the history of civilization, the brain of mobile phone users is exposed to localized radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF). Base stations are a factor in the exposure of the population. Existing standards for limiting exposure do not account for the role of base stations as a source of EMF and cannot guarantee the absence of adverse health effects. It has become necessary to obtain reliable information to expand databases for the development of new standards. As recommended by the World Health Organization, an additional experiment is performed under the supervision of foreign experts, which shows changes in autoimmune status in rats after long-term low-level RF EMF exposure with an incident power of 500 µW/cm2.

    To see the whole report follow the link:

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