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    1347: Attempt to Destroy Scientific Mobile Telecommunication Data

    PRESS RELEASE from the Pandora Foundation:

    Attempt to Destroy Scientific Mobile Telecommunication Data at the Medical University of Vienna Failed

    Berlin, 31 January 2011 “” Mid-2007 Prof. Alexander Lerchl, a biologist at the private Jacobs University Bremen and a member of the German Commission on Radiological Protection at the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, informs the rector of the Medical University of Vienna, Prof. Wolfgang Schütz, about a serious suspicion: the findings described in two publications from the Division of Occupational Medicine of his university are most likely fraudulent. This news is picked up by numerous national and international media, with the German newsmagazine
    Der Spiegel leading the way, and broadcast to the whole world. The documentation provided on our website

    (http://www.pandora-foundation.eu) reports on the strenuous attempts to remove the Vienna research findings, which indicate that cell phone radiation has a cancer-causing potential, from the scientific literature. Two scientists in important social positions, who certainly can be sure of the mobile phone industry’s appreciation, were in front of the line. That they disregard the information of the general public in favour of the cell phone industry do both – as it seems – approvingly accept.

    The documentation published by Pandora “” Foundation for Independent Research reveals the strategies used by the Viennese rector, which he, of course, would like to be understood as his personal commitment to truth in science. A further documentation will report on Prof. Lerchl”s activities that exceed even the rector”s schemes. As shown in the documentation, the Council for Scientific Ethics at the Medical University of Vienna and later in addition the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity – both mandated to clarify the case – had a hard time deciding as to whether
    they should fully honour the truth in science or not. In order to forestall uncomfortable decisions with far-reaching consequences, which would have been inevitable, they agreed on a compromise. Independently of each other, both commissions stated that there is no evidence that the suspected team manipulated its data. Both commissions also left no doubt that they consider the scientific quality of the Viennese research findings as being poor. In this way, they not only overstepped their mandate and competence, but at the same time also ensured that the two masterminds of this scandal and the academic facilities they head did not completely lose their reputation.

    Even if the cell phone industry with its “war gaming” strategy, which it has been using with success in the US in the 90s of the past century, should have succeeded in discrediting and devaluing the Viennese research findings in the eyes of many people, this victory has meanwhile become meaningless. Because in the meantime – as shown in the documentation – several publications have been released whose findings agree with those obtained in Vienna.

    Furthermore, epidemiological research provides more and more findings that the damage to the genome of human cells, as has been observed in Vienna and elsewhere, can certainly contribute to the development of malignant tumours. Still to come, in January 2011 research findings of an epidemiological study from Israel will be published showing that the incidence of tumours of the parotid gland, which belongs to the sites of the highest exposure to cell phone radiation, has quadrupled since 1970, with the highest increase occurring after 2001. That the human brain
    will be more resistant to cell phone radiation is highly unlikely in regard of already available epidemiological research data. It remains to be seen how the cell phone industry and its friends in the scientific community will respond to that.

    Prof. Dr. Franz Adlkofer & Prof. Dr. Karl Richter
    Board of Pandora “” Foundation for Independent Research

    Trustee: Andreas Kaffka
    Birkenwerderstrasse 27b
    OT Bergfelde
    D-16562 Hohen Neuendorf

    FOR THE DOCUMENTATION SEE: http://www.pandora-foundation.eu

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