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    1342: Andrew Marino’s latest book

    From the CHEEMF list:

    Readers on this list may be interested in reading Going Somewhere: Truth About a Life in Science by Andrew A. Marino, PhD, JD. The book is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    Going Somewhere is a dynamic autobiographical narrative about the author”s career in science. The book explores an exceptionally wide range of science-related matters that arose in the long course of the author”s scientific and legal activities involving the complex debate over the health risks of man-made environmental electromagnetic fields. For more information please go to http://goingsomewherebook.com.

    The Author:

    Andrew Marino received graduate degrees in biophysics and law from Syracuse University. Continuously since 1965, he has carried out a self-directed research program at medical schools in Syracuse and Shreveport that deal with electromagnetic fields. To see his academic publications go to http://andrewamarino.com

    Praise for “Going Somewhere:”

    Brian Martin, Professor: This dramatic story of science for sale is told unassumingly, from an intimate, personal viewpoint, replete with courtroom cross-examinations, mordant observations about individuals, and dream fantasies. Marino is engaged in a personal quest, and he reveals his thoughts in a way few scientists have dared. He is indeed a seeker of the truth, about electromagnetic fields but also about his own life. His story is both disturbing and uplifting.

    Rosalie Bertell, Physicians for Humanitarian Medicine: Going Somewhere uncovers the insanity of this system designed to hide the truth and reward the polluter rather than the scientist trying to improve the public health. Every young researcher will have to decide between truth and “easy street,” and this is a must-read to warn them about the difficult choices ahead.

    Stephane Egot-Lemaire, Bioengineer: It is a thoughtful, fascinating book which contains the wisdom of an accomplished investigator, a true Doctor of Philosophy who has been able to stand back, to question the established order, and to be tenacious in his quest.

    Roger Coghill, Scientist: The book follows the genre established by Rachel Carson and others, and is more than a worthy successor, written in an attractive style and reflecting a clear knowledge of the classics whose early paradigms tell us there is nothing new in human society.

    Devra Davis, Founder, Environmental Health Trust: A riveting, eye-opening, insider exposé that should serve as a wake up call to anyone concerned about the integrity of science.

    For more information please click on http://goingsomewherebook.com

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