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    1327: Order EMF book and get a free wacko device!

    Lately there has been a number of excellent books on the EMF health issue but now comes along one titled: The Invisible Threat, that highlights the potential dangers and apparently offers as the solution a VERY dubious device. This is the MRET Noise Field Polymer Disk that claims to generate a noise field capable of eliminating the effects of EMFs. When you order the ebook edition you also get a free “MRET Noise Field Polymer Disk for your cell phone”. How nice! To quote:

    You can protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency radiation by using an MRET Noise Field Polymer Disk. The MRET Noise Field Polymer Disk puts out a Noise Field capable of eliminating the effects of EMFs. This all new eBook edition of The Invisible Threat includes a FREE MRET Noise Field Polymer Disk for your cell phone. Everyone who purchases The Invisible Threat eBook from this site will be mailed one MRET Noise Field Polymer Disk per paid digital download.

    Link: http://www.theinvisiblethreat.com

    Now before you hit the send key to order you copy and free disk before they sell out have a read of Microwave News’ Scams Galore of October 20. Link: http://www.microwavenews.com/ (Also follow up the Alasdair Philips Microwave News link on the Q-Link Pendant and read about the Australian science connection.)

    As for the MRET device, it does not have batteries so how can it continuously generate a counteracting field to cancel out EMFs? Perhaps alien technology found on that crashed flying saucer at Roswell?

    And what is the frequency and power level range of protection? Will it provide protection if one stands in front to the main radar transmitter at the Sydney airport? I think not.

    This is one book, and wacko device, that I will not be adding to my library…..


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