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    1309: Russian Translation Microwave Radiation influence on Man and Animals (1970)

    From Magda Havas, who has a highly recommended website: http://www.magdahavas.com

    November 1, 2010. Pick of the Week #16: Russian Translation Microwave Radiation influence on Man and Animals (1970).

    Petrov, I.R. (Ed). 1970. Influence of Microwave Radiation on the Organism of Man and Animals. Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Translation of “Vliyaniye SVCh-Izlucheniya na Organizm Cheloveka i Zhivotnykh. II “Meditsina” Press, Leningrad, 1970, NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION, NASA TT F-708. For sale by the National Technical Information Service, Springfield, Virginia 22151 $3.00

    ABSTRACT: The book deals with problems of the effect of the microwave field on the organism, which are becoming more pressing with each passing year, since the power outputs of microwave generators are being increased and more and more persons are being exposed to this factor. The monograph consists of three parts. The Introduction deals with the biological bases of the action of microwave electromagnetic radiation on the organism. Parts I and II set forth experimental material on the influence of high and low microwave intensities on the animal organism, characterizing the functional changes of the organism”s basic systems and its metabolism. Also considered is the question of damage due to microwaves combined with other factors and changes in the organism”s immunological reactivity, the properties of bacteria, viruses, and simple animals. Part III of the book is devoted to the influence of microwaves on the human organism and sets forth data acquired as a result of observations on volunteers as to the influence of low microwave intensities on the healthy human organism; it sets forth the symptomatology, stages, reversibility of changes, and a classification for the pathological processes that arise under the influence of microwaves in persons working with microwave generators. The book examines problems in the etiology and pathogenesis of sequelae to exposure to microwave radiation, characterizing the significance of microwaves and factors operating concurrently with them in the appearance of pathological changes, and indicating the basic pathogenic mechanisms of the pathological changes that arise under the influence of microwaves. It also presents material characterizing the application of microwaves to treat patients. The last chapter is devoted to protection from and prevention of detrimental effects of microwaves on the human organism. It cites the maximum permissible microwave radiation levels, characterizes means for individual and collective protection from the harmful effects of microwaves, and presents experimental material on the use of drugs to prevent detrimental after effects of microwave exposure. The Conclusion sets forth concisely the basic premises of the problem of microwave effects on the organism as reflected in the monograph and takes note of problems that require further study. The book contains 24 illustrations, 36 tables, and a bibliography of 521 citations.

    Link to the book’s conclusions: http://www.magdahavas.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/PotW-16.pdf

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