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    1303: U.S. forum on The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

    From Camilla Rees:

    “The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields” – Thursday, Nov 18th, 2010
    Time: 11:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
    Price: Members $20, Non-Members $32, Students $10 – includes complimentary light lunch
    Location: Commonwealth Club of California, 595 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

    This half-day program organized by the Commonwealth Club”™s Health and Medicine Forum and ElectromagneticHealth.org will be the largest public forum yet in the United States on the known and potential health hazards from cell phones and wireless technologies, including new wireless utility technologies such as Smart Meters.

    Scientific and policy experts from 5 countries (Canada, Sweden, Norway, U.K. and USA) will present the science showing biological effects from electromagnetic fields and discuss health and environmental policy recommendations in light of the risks.

    Important new research will be presented on EMF impacts on DNA, heart function and the role of electrification in the diseases of civilization, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and suicide. Special focus will be paid to greater risks for children, impairment of reproductive function, environmental impacts and whether “˜Smart”™ Meters are actually smart.

    Presenting experts receive no funding from the telecommunications industry.

    Press Release

    Program and Expert Bios

    Tickets: Commonwealth Club: 415-597-6700 or www.commonwealthclub.org

    Co-organized by ElectromagneticHealth.org in association with Citizens for Health, the
    American Academy of Environmental Medicine, EMF Safety Alliance, Radiation Research
    Trust and the International EMF Alliance.

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